Berco grew gradually to become a very large industry, leader in the production of undercarriage components, of equipment for earth moving machines overhauling, and machine tools for reconditioning of internal combustion engines and cylinder grindings.

The company is divided in two product divisions:

– Spare Parts Division

The main productive activity of Berco. Components for hearth moving machines are massively produced, either for original manufacturers of machines or for the authorized dealers worldwide.
Every year Berco processes 160.000 tons of steel, producing 200.000 chains, 1.000.000 rollers, 120.000 idlers and 5.000.000 shoes.
More over machines and equipment for the overhaul and the repair of undercarriage groups are produced.
Berco parts are well known all over the world and Berco Brand always means reliability.

– Machine Tools Division

A wide range of products and equipment for the industry and repair shops are manufactured in our works : starting from the small device for overhauling valves seat, to cylinder honing machines and crankshaft grinding machines for internal combustion engines, till the big CNC orbital grinding machines.
The experience acquired over decades, the continuous research in innovation technology and the high quality level are the best presentation of the company.

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