BicarJet SOBIJET MJ-Series Cabinets


Versatile SOBIJET® compact cabinet to be used in association with a SOBIJET® delivery unit for environmental friendly surface cleaning based on compressed air, water and Meltron® – a specific grade of sodium bicarbonate. Meltron® is a non-toxic and non-hazardous material for the operator.
The physical and chemical characteristics of Meltron® combined with SOBIJET® cabinet and patented delivery device allow comfortable and efficient cleaning operations
with little operator training.
Equipped with an internal turnplate, a blast hose and nozzle and a water/air pistol.
This equipment complies with safety regulations.

Suitable for the following applications
Cleaning of industrial moulds, extrusion screws and other tools or equipments, depainting and degreasing of a wide variety of substrates, removing of contaminants, dirt, process residues and surface corrosion.

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