TIERRATECH Ultrasonic Cleaning 8000ltr MOT-8000

Capacity 8000 litres
Internal Measures 3000 x 2000 x 1500 mm
Useful Measures 2850 x 1850 x 1150 mm
External Measures 3400 x 2400 x 1700 mm
Weight 3500 kg



  • Power Supply: 400V.
  • Heating element: 60 kW.



  • Ultrasonic power: 34000 W (68000 W p-p).
  • 10 Ultrasound generators with an output power of 3400 W (6800 W p-p) each one.
  • Working frequency: 40 KHz with a frequency Sweep System (Sweep System ±2).
  • 20 submersible emitters of 1700W each.



  • 4.3” TFT LCF touch screen. Functional and intuitive; with access to select the time of the ultrasounds, temperature and peripherals or optional systems; and it is programmable through a weekly calendar.
  • PLC with a temperature model fitted with 7 outputs and 7 inputs.



  • AISI 304 stainless steel tank, 3 mm thick.
  • K-Flex Duct Net thermal and acoustic insulation, 20 mm.
  • Exterior steel panelling with a special anti-fingerprint finish. Easy to clean.
  • 1” water inlet ball valve and a 2” one for drainage.
  • Silentblock legs, adjustable in height
  • Heat-insulated stainless steel end-of-day lid.
  • Integrated system to separate lubricants and oils. Removes residue from the surface of the ultrasound tank, keeping the cleaning equipment in perfect condition.
  • Sloping bottom to facilitate cleaning.
  • (Optional): filtering system (stainless steel filter with a polypropylene/polyester bag) for residue and mud.

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