TEIJO Cleaning Machines With Hinge – Stainless Steel

Model Dimensions Capacity Payload
C-1000HSS 1400 x 1500 x 2200 mm 650 ltr 500 kg
C-1200HSS 1500 x 1600 x 2350 mm 800 ltr 700 kg
C-1600HSS 1900 x 2000 x 2600 mm 1300 ltr 700 kg
C-2000HSS 2300 x 2415 x 2600 mm 1900 ltr 1000 kg

For efficient cleaning!

The single-stage machines comes in six sizes, C-800SS, C-1000SS, C-1200SS, C-1600SS, C-2000SS and C-2600SS and each type has two height variations as standard. As a guide the model no. denotes the rotational diameter of the spray pipe in millimetres.


  • Hinged door
  • Cleaning in closed chamber
  • Rotary spray piping
  • Shut-off valve on pump’s suction side
  • Filter basket
  • Level sensor
  • Cleaning door and drain valve
  • Steam extractor
  • Pressure gauge
  • Top spray pope rotation sensor
  • Tank bottom flush piping
  • Timer for heating and oil separator
  • Adjustable thermostat



  • Cleaning chamber
  • Rotary spray pipin
  • Pump
  • Heating system
  • Filter system
  • Fluid level monitoring
  • Cleaning cradle and grid platform
  • Switchgear with operating switched


Accessories include DF-250S steam extraction, OS-3S oil skimmer, AD-2 detergent dosing unit, EC-2 overflow safety, and AR-1 automatic water re-fill. Other accessories such as 5 – 200 micron external fine filters, oil separators, SL-1 spray lance and standard and special conveyor systems are available on request.

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