TeKnox – RoboClean – Washing Machines

Calibrated washing particularly suitable to wash very complex mechanical parts.

Calibrated cleaning system to be included in robotic isles with interchangeable pallet. To perform the washing of completely differents particulars you can replace the calibrated pallet.

With this system we can meet the most stringent washing specifications required by mechanical industries.


  • Made of A304 stainless steel including pumps, pipes, basket, resistance and filter
  • Safety level control of the tank’s liquid
  • Vapor’s timed aspiration
  • Safety level control of the tank’s liquid
  • Solenoid of liquid’s automatic filling
  • Topping of the tank’s edge
  • 1st filter box on the fall of liquid in the tank
  • Filter on the pump’s suction
  • Pneumatic clinders with safet valves to open the cover
  • Pallet dedicated to the position of the pieces to be washed
  • Possibilit of loading and unloading by robot



  • Water Washing
  • Calibrated Washing
  • DGT
  • Vertical Pump
  • Filter System
  • High Pressure (AP Version)
  • High Temperature (HT Version)
  • Bag Filter (Optional)
  • Steam Condenser (Optional)
  • Load Unload Station (Optional)


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