TeKnox – RoboJet – Washing Machines

Positioned and calibrated washing for large pieces with complex structure

The machinery consists of a washing chamber with separate tank and vertical high-pressure pump. The charging base, mounted on a mobile cart, is equipped with calibrated locations that support the pieces and allow easy moving.

Robojet’s PLC is able to handle different wash programs: using a cleaning patented system among the most advanced, the machine provides to combine the positioning of the washing jets and the parts to be treated to hit the hard to wash particulars (blind holes, interior rooms, passages of fluid movement, etc.).

In automatic the machine execute: placement of the piece to be treated within the cabin, closing of the door, cycle execution, opening of the door, exit of the piece on the base of loading and unloading. The operator must only load the pieces, press a button, download the pieces


  • Made of A304 stainless steel including pumps, pipes, basket, resistance and filter
  • Vapor’s timed aspiration
  • Safety level control of the tank’s liquid
  • Solenoid of liquid’s automatic filling
  • External deck of loading
  • Pneumatic cylinders with safety valves for the vertical opening door
  • Triple topping of the closing door
  • Filter box on the fall of liquid in the tank
  • Filter on the pump’s suction
  • Pallet dedicated to positioning of the workpiece to be cleaned
  • Heating with burner, or steam on request
  • Possibility of loading and unloading by robot



  • Water Washing
  • Calibrated Washing
  • DGT
  • Vertical Pump
  • Filter System
  • High Pressure (AP Version)
  • High Temperature (HT Version)
  • Bag Filter (Optional)
  • Steam Condenser (Optional)
  • Load Unload Station (Optional)


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