TeKnox – UNIX SZD – Washing Machine

Model Dimensions Capacity Weight
Unix 80SZD 1700 x 1580 x 1910 mm  270 ltr  250 kg
Unix 100SZD 1700 x 1790 x 1910mm  300 ltr  390 kg
Unix 120SZD 1900 x 1990 x 2200 mm  380 ltr  430 kg


Washing machine with rotating basket to wash metal parts of small and medium size.

Wide base of models specifically designed to ensure effective and uniform removal of contaminants on pieces of small and medium size, by hot aqueous solutions containing biodegradable detergents.


  • Made of A304 stainless steel including pumps, pipes, basket, resistance and filter
  • Safety switch on the cover’s opening
  • Vapor’s timed aspiration
  • Safety level control of the tank’s liquid
  • Solenoid of liquid’s automatic filling
  • Topping of the tank’s edge
  • Supports a load of 100-300 kg. Increased loads on request.
  • 1st filter box on the fall of liquid in the tank
  • Rear tank seperated from the wash chamber
  • Zone with settling of sludge with independent drainage



  • Water Washing
  • Laser Jet
  • Slow Rotation
  • DGT
  • Vertical Pump
  • Filter System
  • High Pressure (AP Version)
  • High Temperature (HT Version)
  • Bag Filter (Optional)
  • Steam Condenser (Optional)
  • Load Unload Station (Optional)


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