MAKTEST – T1000 InjecTester CRM

Control PC Windows 7 and above with 2GB RAM
Rail Pressure Max 2200 Bar
Measuring System Digital Metering with capacity to measure 200 mm3/H
Tank 20 l/h
Filter 5 micron
Power 200 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz (1 ph) 8 A


Fully Automated Testing

T1000 is the new All Makes Common Rail Injector Tester with basic features just enough start repairing injectors with minimum investment. It is designed for workshops starting to repair Common Rail injectors or workshops that need additional test equipment to increase their repair capacity with the least investment.

T1000 is a successor of TK1010 Injectester CRb test equipment, with proven performance and acceptance in the market. T1000, just like its predecessors, have all Bosch, Delphi and Denso test plans in the control software. The software is upgraded regularly to include new test plans. Control software includes test plan calibrator module to enable users even no experience to create test plans for new injectors.


  • Control rail pressure up to 2200 bar
  • Integrated cooling system controls the test oil temperature precisely at OE test specs
  • Most user-friendly control interface ever built.
  • KO1574 Piezo Control box is the exact solution for testing Piezo injectors with TK1032 injectester
  • Piezo testing is possible for Continental VDO (Siemens) injectors



  • Commonrail Diesels


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