MAKTEST – TK1026-03 InjecTester CRb

Control PC Control computer with 10” LCD.
Rail Pressure 100 – 2200 bar
Measuring System Electronic Fuel Measurement System
Filter Patented filter system extracts the fume and filters it to drain
Power 380VAC 50 or 60 Hz 3 phase


All Makes Common Rail Injector Test Stan

TK1026.03, third version of TK1026, is more than a test bench with its new measurement system and many updated features. The new measuring system is faster and capable to measure bigger injectors upto 1000mm3/stroke. Unlike earlier versions, TK1026.03 displays instantaneous delivery and return results from injector. Another new feature is improved temperature control, providing more accuracy in injector fuel readings.


  • Fast and Accurate Measurement System
  • Desgined for longer and bigger injectors to come…
  • Touch to Control
  • Automatic Testing



  • Commonrail Diesels


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