MAKTEST – TK1032 InjectTester

Control Panel 3.2″ Touch Panel LCD
Rail Pressure Max 800 Bar
Measuring System Glass tube 30ml
Tank 5 liter
Filter 5 micron
Power 200 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz (1 ph) 8 A


Commonrail Injector Test Bench

Maktest offers to customers an alternative product, which will make them reconsider their investment devision for common rail injector testing. TK1032 is designed to serve for the new comers with all its features are just enough to start servicing Common Rail Injectors.
For those who is already in the business, TK1032 offers a great alternative for flushing and preliminary testing. TK1032 Injectester is designed for delivery setting in glass tubes.
Its proven design comes from earlier TK1026 Injectester CRb models, which proves its trouble free operation and reliability. Advanced technology behind pressure regulation proves repeatability of test results and ensures always reliable test results.


  • Constant Rail Pressure at max. 800 bar
  • Touch Panel with User-friendly Interface
  • Smoke-Free Metering and Spray Testing
  • KO1574 Piezo Control box is the exact solution for testing Piezo injectors with TK1032 injectester
  • TK1032 is designed for flushing injectors before any profound repair procedures



  • Commonrail Diesels


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