DELAPENA PrecisionHone E3000S

Diameter range 1.14 – 80 mm
Stroke length 2 – 350 mm
Spindle speed 300 – 2500 RPM
Spindle power 1.5 kW
External Measures 1400 x 1670 x 2600 mm
Weight 1900 kg


Wide capability honing low to high volumes

A high precision vertical honing machine with wide ranging capability to hone parts from small scale to heavy components, with a diameter range of 1.14mm to 80mm (subject to application) and a tolerance accuracy to 0.001mm, with sub-micron adjustment.  With a compact footprint and Siemens control system, the PrecisionHone delivers precision control, operational efficiency and excellent return on investment.


  • Flexible and efficient in operation
  • Electronol control system with Siemens’ digital HMI
  • Unique spindle system with integral stone expansion
  • Stable, accurate and repeatable stone adjustment
  • Standard and short stroking
  • Single pass cycle
  • Fully adjustable spindle speeds
  • Incremental feed adjustment from 0.1 – 3 micron per second
  • Precision ballscrew
  • Compact and space efficient


  • Turbo housing
  • Sleeves
  • Hydraylic Vane Bodies
  • Con rods
  • Water pumps
  • Valve spools
  • Fuel Injection Nozzles
  • Small Cylinder Liners

The value offered by PrecisionHone is best measured by the precise tolerances achieved, its versatility in application, the extended tool life it supports and the reduction in cost per part when competitively evaluated.

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