SERDI – Valve Seat Machine 4.5

Diameter range 16 – 120 mm
Table travel 240 mm
Spindle speed 40 – 840 RPM
Spindle power  2.2 kW
External Measures 2000 x 1150 x 2320 mm
Weight 1500 kg


All-Purpose Guides and Valce Seats Cutting Machine

High versatile machine producing an accurate machining of the valve seats from the smallest to the biggest diameter.
This machine can repair any existing engine, from the micro-engine up to the big stationary engine. The light-weight floating assembly can machine cylinder heads with guide diamter as small as 4mm.


  • Machine capacity from 16mm to 120mm diameter
  • Built-in spindle motor and triple air-float centering system
  • Minimal workhead inertia and maxium floatation
  • Variable speed with 1.5kW Siemens inverter
  • Forward and reverse directions
  • Extremely wide torque ratings
  • Digital speed rotation and machining depth
  • Improved rigidity modern modular bed design
  • Manual front-to-back displacement of cylinder head
  • Pneumatic clamping jack
  • Vacuum system
  • Dedicated tool bit sharpener (optional)
  • 360 degrees roll over fixture (optional)
  • LED worklight



  • Heavy Diesel
  • Stationary engines
  • Marine engines
  • Racing
  • Motorcycle
  • Automotive


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