AMC-SCHOU Line Boring Machine L-2500 V

L 2500 V

Diameter range 110 mm
Max length 2540 mm
Spindle speed 0 – 750 RPM
Spindle power 1.5 kW
Working space 7600 x 800 mm
Weight 2700 kg


Increased engine performance may result in warped blocks, necessitating reboring of main bearings and camshaft bearings. Thrust bearing faces can be damaged due to bearing seizure. Reboring of main bearings, camshaft bearings, reboring of cylinder head camshaft bores and repairing of thrust bearing faces are all easily done on the AMC-SCHOU line boring machine, giving years of quality service.



  • Machine lengths;  2500 mm (98.4″)
  • 5 different boring bars available allowing boring up to 110 mm (4.33″)
  • Large selection of cutter tools as standard equipment
  • Spindle speeds up to 750 r.p.m.
  • Roughing and finishing feeds


Standard Equipment

tropicalized installation, drive head motor, 6 spindle speeds, 2 spindle feeds, remote hand feed control device, fixed parallels, setting up blocks (2 sets), overhead steady rest, boring bar shaft extension, tool setting micrometer with dial gauge, magnetic micrometer V-rest, 2 centering devices with dial indicators, 20 pcs. boring, facing and chamfering tools, clamps, bolts & spanners, operating manual and spare parts catalogue.

Extra Equipment

boring bars, cutterheads, off-set bracket bushings, sag measuring device for bars, radial facing attachment, internal measuring gauges, tool grinder, cap grinder, cutter head holder and more.

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